Structured Investment Management

Our approach is client-centric as we understand that each individual investor has their own unique set of circumstances, that’s why we carefully analyze their needs and create tailored investment solutions to suit them.

We work with a diverse range of institutions, High Net Worth Individual, charities, foundations and private individuals to achieve investment goals; financial well-being and bring an innovative approach to traditional investment management.

Our professionals are dedicated to helping clients navigate markets and meet unique investment goals. The firm offers traditional and alternative products and services, including Mutual Funds, Private Wealth, Alternatives & Structured Products.

Why Choose Us?

Local and Global Knowledge

You benefit from our extensive local and global experience, coupled with a structured advisory process which enables us to deliver tailor-made solutions in line with your investment objectives.

Client-Centric Approach

Client’s needs differ. We take the time to get to know you and to listen carefully to your wealth planning challenges and goals. Your investments should reflect your personal circumstances.

Some investments are designed to maximize flexibility, others are designed to maximize security or create a regular income, whilst others are high risk and suited to the more intrepid investor.

Operational Excellence

Our concept of wealth management involves financial planning and specialist financial services.

Our objective is to provide you with tailored investment management services with the goal of sustaining and growing your long-term wealth.

Whether you are investing for capital appreciation or for income, we will assist you all the way.

We offer a variety of credit and financing products that can be used for personal investment opportunities. We assist clients to conveniently cater to their financial needs through our Loan facility. We offer interest rate that is product friendly which provides individuals the required sum needed to boost their affairs. Our unique loan facility ensures funds are allocated to fulfil those pressing projects.

What We Offer

  • Investment Management
  • Fund Management
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Liquidity Management
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Individual Investment
  • Portfolio Management
  • Collective Investment

Investment Management
For Institutions

We offer a full range of asset management products for institutions, foundations, endowment, families and charities. It is worth noting that over 75% of assets under management are managed on behalf of institutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of financial products as well as investment and portfolio management strategies, advice and solutions such as mutual funds, annuity portfolios (fixed and variable), asset allocation, and customized portfolios.

Trust us today help you protect and grow your assets.


Our business extends from institutional investors to retail funds and private client fund management while its wide range of investment capabilities includes equity, bond and money market management as well as real estate investment funds.

Trust us today help you manage and grow your funds.

Income Securities

As a fixed income money market maker, we provide proactive solutions that help shape execution strategies. We also offer customized short-duration fixed income strategies with the ability to run customized mandates in accordance with client risk profiles. Our equity strategies are based on fundamental research and quantitative analysis applied by experienced portfolio managers.

Our team have a broad range of asset classes that aim to generate superior returns for our clients and help them to achieve their investment objectives by providing market information to enable the investors, stakeholders make timely and well-informed investment decisions.

Trust us today help you manage your fixed income.

Mutual Fund

We offer advice and management on collective investments for companies and organisation, such as mutual funds, ETFs and managed funds.

Trust us today help protect and manage your mutual funds.

Liquidity Event

We provide products from across the money market to help with your investment, financing and liquidity needs. For example, if you’re selling a business, you may need integrated investment advice and estate planning.   Or if you’re taking a business public, you might want help managing new liquid assets.

Trust us today help you save, protect and grow your capital.

Lifestyle /

As your career and lifestyle evolves, the decisions you make can affect your income. This may mean you need to re-evaluate your investment strategy.

We help you with financial strategies and decisions that is both healthy for your income and lifestyle.

Trust us today help you make better career-wise decisions as they affect your investments and income.

Investment Management
For Individuals

Our individual investment managers secure, develop and manage relationships with high-net-worth individuals, their families, family offices and select foundations and endowments. They are focused on providing a differentiated service offering to clients across the wealth spectrum, working closely with our Consumer team on a holistic digital investment platform.

We understand that risks and returns are inextricably linked. Our team offers comprehensive risk profiling to determine clients’ appetites for risk. We also assess portfolio risk to ensure that the assets we select are appropriate for your investment objectives.
The team is committed to providing the highest service levels, communicating promptly and clearly with clients. Our service to you will always feature a unique combination of global sophistication with local dedication.

Trust us today help you save, protect and grow your capital.


Our Portfolio management services encompasses making a choice between equity and debt, domestic and international investments as well as growth and safety.

With proper diversification keyed to their investment approach, our investment specialists provide regular portfolio reviews.

Trust us today help you manage and grow your investment portfolio.

Collective Investment

We pool funds with several investors in line with your investment goals in our collective investment schemes.

Trust us today help you manage your investments.

Start your Investment

Whether you are investing for capital appreciation or for income, we will assist you all the way.

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Find us at our office located in Victoria Island, Lagos.
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7th Floor, Kings Court Building 3 Keystone Crescent Victoria Island, Lagos.
LOCATIONOffice Address
Find us at our office located in Victoria Island, Lagos.
VISIT USWhere to find us
Address: 7th Floor, Kings Court Building 3 Keystone Crescent Victoria Island, Lagos.
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